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Hojo Undo is a Japanese term that refers to the training equipment used in traditional Okinawan karate. The term Hojo Undo translates to "supplementary exercises," and it is used to describe a variety of tools and implements that are used to develop strength, power, and agility in karate practitioners. Hojo Undo is an essential component of traditional karate training, and it is believed to be an important part of developing both physical and mental strength.


The history of Hojo Undo can be traced back to the origins of karate in Okinawa, Japan. The people of Okinawa were known for their physical strength and resilience, and they developed a number of training methods and tools to help them in their martial arts practice. Over time, these tools became an integral part of Okinawan karate, and they are still used by practitioners today.


The purpose of Hojo Undo is to develop the physical and mental attributes necessary for effective karate practice. The exercises and tools used in Hojo Undo are designed to develop strength, power, speed, and agility, as well as balance, coordination, and focus. Some of the tools used in Hojo Undo include the makiwara (striking post), nigiri game (gripping jars), chi ishi (weighted stone), and chishi (weighted club).


Hojo Undo is not only about physical development, but also about developing mental strength and discipline. The intense and repetitive nature of Hojo Undo training requires a high level of focus, determination, and commitment, and it is believed to develop mental fortitude and resilience in practitioners. The use of Hojo Undo tools also encourages a sense of humility and respect for tradition, as the tools have been used by generations of karate practitioners before them.


In recent years, the use of Hojo Undo in karate training has come under scrutiny, with some critics suggesting that it is outdated and irrelevant in modern training methods. However, many traditional karate practitioners continue to incorporate Hojo Undo into their training, believing that it is an essential part of the martial arts practice. As such, Hojo Undo remains an important and unique aspect of Okinawan karate, and its history and significance continue to fascinate and inspire martial arts enthusiasts around the world.

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Hojo Undo

Episode 006 Introduction to Hojo Undo

Introduction to Hojo Undo

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