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The progress of Karate in the Americas was on top of the agenda of the Congress and Executive Committee meetings of the Pan-American Karate Federation (PKF). The gatherings were held in Costa Rica on the eve of the 2023 PKF Senior Championships.


Chaired by PKF President Jose Garcia Maañon and with WKF President Antonio Espinós in attendance, the representatives of the National Federations of the Americas gathered in the plenary session of the PKF to review the situation of the sport in the continent. The organisation of upcoming major events in America was discussed as well as the growing importance of grassroots events to further develop Karate among youngsters.


The classification process for the upcoming Pan American Games to be held in Chile in November was also discussed, with the last spots to participate in the biggest multi-sport event of the Americas being awarded at the tournament in Costa Rica.


Before the celebration of the Congress, the Executive Committee of the PKF gathered in San Jose to prepare the plenary session of Karate in the Americas. WKF President Antonio Espinós also participated in the meeting of the PKF’s decision-making body.


WKF President Antonio Espinós said after the meeting:


“The progress of Karate in the Americas over the last few years has been unmistakable, and the popularity of our sport in the region continues growing, especially at young ages. However, we should not be complacent, and we should set our minds on taking Karate to new heights of development, notably in the celebration of major events in the region. Now that our sport in the Americas is heading to the Pan American Games in Chile, we have a new chance to showcase the strength of our sport and the tremendous added value that Karate brings to multi-sport events of the Olympic cycle.


“I want to thank the PKF and its President Jose Garcia Maañón for their efforts to continue making the most of the opportunities to develop Karate in the region.”


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Jun 1, 2023

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