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In October 2022, Karate Québec announced that the Quebec Cup was postponed due to "confusion in the interpretation and application of the Criminal Code'' that makes karate competitions illegal without a provincial decree. The sport no longer had an exemption under the Criminal Code since karate is not on the Olympic program for the 2024 Paris Games.


While practising the sport is legal, the removal of the Olympic exemption and lack of a decree meant that a competition could expose organizers, stakeholders and athletes involved in so-called prizefights to the risk of punishable offences.


Karate competitions are no longer against the law in Quebec and, after a temporary shut down due to a legal oversight, competitions can resume, according to Karate Québec. Under pressure from athletes, the province passed an order exempting the sport from section 83 (2) the Criminal Code, ensuring competitions could continue to be held.


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Apr 16, 2023

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