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Upcoming 26th World Senior Championships, Budapest:

The most anticipated Karate event of the year has reached the -80-day count! The 2023 World Senior Championships will be held in Budapest (Hungary) from October 24 to 29.

Excitement grows among the Karate family as the countdown to the 2023 World Senior Championships intensifies. Preparations to host the biggest Karate tournament of the year continue in Hungary’s capital.


The event is scheduled to take place at the Papp Laszlo Budapest Sports Arena from October 24 to 29. Delegations continue registering their athletes to participate in the competition, and nearly ten countries have already entered their competitors for the event.


In the meantime, the athletes get ready to intensify their preparation and for that, the upcoming international events will play a crucial role. Two continental major events (UFAK Senior Championships in August and Asian Games in October), one Karate 1-Premier League in September (Dublin), and one Karate 1-Series A in September (Larnaca) are the tournaments where the prospective new World champions will get ready for the event.


As the countdown to #KarateBudapest2023 continues, the WKF has launched its campaign #RoadtoKarateBudapest2023 on social media to join fans in their excitement ahead of the memorable Karate tournament.


The best moments of the last editions of the Senior World Championships will be reviewed on the WKF social media platforms for the #RoadtoKarateBudapest2023 campaign.


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Upcoming 26th World Senior Championships, Budapest




Oct 1, 2023

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