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The tournament to be held in Pamplona in 2024 inaugurates a brand-new configuration of Karate’s biggest event. Starting in 2024, the World Senior Championships splits into two competitions, to be held in alternate years: the World Team Championships and the World Individual Championships. 

WKF President Antonio Espinós said:

“This new format of World Championships is a milestone for the WKF since the main event of our sport will become much more spectacular and even more appealing to audiences. The competition will have a shorter duration and a streamlined selection process to ensure that the best athletes will fight for the medals. We are convinced that with the new format of the World Championships and the implementation of the WKF’s new strategic plan, our sport will reach new heights. This will contribute to Karate raising its status in the international sports and Olympic ecosystem even more.”


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Apr 2, 2023

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