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Kumite of the Month

Episode 011 2023.10.01

Karate Combat 41 September 16, 10 fights - KC41 FULL EVENT

Episode 010 2023.09.01

Shotokan Kumite

Episode 009 2023.08.01

Old School Kumite

Episode 008 2023.07.04

European Karate Championship 2023 - Tatami C Kumite

Episode 007 2023.06.01 Karate Tournament from the 80’s

Karate Tournament from the 80’s

Episode 006 2023.05.07 Karate Combat

Olympus - Jerome brown vs Davy Dona

Episode 005 2023.04.30 Fight of the Week

2017 WKF Amazing Fight

Episode 004 2023.04.23 Fight of the Week

Two Uechi Ryu Fighters in an Okinawan Dojo

Episode 003 2023.04.16 Fight of the Week

Andrea Bertel is shown here performing amazing kumite skills.

Episode 002 2023.04.09 Fight of the Week

This sensational WKF-EKF fight between Egypt and Azerbaijan will catch your eye.  The back-and-forth fight between two well matched fighters finally resolves in Egypt’s favor at 15 points to 12 points.

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