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FULL FIGHT Karate Combat: Olympus - Jerome brown vs Davy Dona


Karate Combat is a professional full-contact karate league that aims to elevate the sport of karate by providing a platform for elite athletes to showcase their skills. One of the most highly anticipated events in Karate Combat's history was the Olympus event, which took place on December 7, 2019. The event featured some of the world's top karate athletes, including Jerome Brown and Davy Dona, who faced off in an intense and exciting match.


Jerome Brown is a well-known karate athlete and coach from the United States. He has won numerous titles and awards throughout his career, including multiple national championships and a bronze medal at the World Karate Championships. Davy Dona, on the other hand, hails from Belgium and is known for his powerful strikes and technical prowess. He is a former European champion and has represented his country in numerous international competitions.


The match between Jerome Brown and Davy Dona was highly anticipated by fans and experts alike. Both fighters were known for their speed, power, and agility, and it was expected to be a close and exciting fight. The match was scheduled for three rounds of three minutes each, and the winner would be determined by a panel of judges based on a number of criteria, including strikes landed, technique, and overall performance. As the two fighters prepared to enter the ring, the excitement and tension in the arena were palpable, and the stage was set for an unforgettable battle.


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Olympus - Jerome brown vs Davy Dona

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