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Leadership by Example

Everything you do as sensei inside and outside the dojo is scrutinized by the students. If you want to teach your students about integrity and respect, start by dealing with each student with integrity and respect.

Remember to conduct yourself with the 8 precepts of bushido:

1.      Justice

2.      Courage

3.      Benevolence

4.      Politeness

5.      Honesty

6.      Honor

7.      Loyalty

8.      Self-control

If you deal with everyone with kindness and respect, you will be showing your students the way. Your dojo becomes a mirror of your principles.

Every student is an individual and you should go out of your way to interact as much as possible with your students as individuals. Walk through the class and frequently adjust their posture or place a hand on their shoulder to let them know that you feel a bond with them in class. You can also take the place of their partner for a couple of moves to build team spirit when practicing partners training.

Don’t just talk to the class, talk to each individual as you speak to the whole class. Project to that student that you are directly speaking to him or her. Make eye contact with everyone individually to let them know that you are speaking directly to them. Your students will love you for this.

Sensei's Corner

Episode 003 Leadership by Example
Leadership by Example
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