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The Question

Episode 011 The Question

Question: What is the real, full name of Ed Parker?

Episode 010 The Question

Question: What style does the kata Anan come from?

Episode 009 The Question

Question: What advice do you have for someone who is new to karate and just starting their training journey?

Episode 008 The Question

Question: How has your understanding of self-defense evolved as you've progressed in your karate training?

Episode 007 The Question

Question: What role do you believe karate can play in promoting physical fitness and overall health?

Episode 006 The Question

Question: What are some of the most important principles you've learned in your journey to earning a black belt in karate?

Episode 005 The Question

Question: Is it possible for all styles of martial arts to compete in the same tournament

Episode 004 The Question

Question: Should Karate be in the next Olympics?

Episode 003 The Question

Question:  My style is not one of the main karate styles. It is a mish-mash of training my instructor had. Does that mean we are not legitimate?

Episode 002 The Question

Question:  What was the first official karate style?  

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