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Should Karate be in the next Olympics?

Absolutely! For the karateka that love the sport aspect, there definitely should be a path to the Olympics. However, karate made its long-awaited Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020 but will not be part of Paris 2024.


World Karate Federation (WKF) has criticized the International Olympic Committee (IOC) claiming the process to select new sports for the Games is "opaque". WKF also claims the organisation has never received an explanation for the "exclusion" of karate from the Paris 2024 program. WKF further proclaimed  this to be a failure to revolutionise the Olympic program and also questioned the manner in which additional sports are chosen to feature at the Games.


WKF believes their case for inclusion is boosted by an independent report it commissioned into karate’s popularity in France compared with the three other additional sports at the Games in the Japanese capital that have been included at Paris 2024 - surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing.


According to the data, which featured statistics on broadcast figures, fan potential and media coverage, karate had the highest audience for a single broadcast out of the four sports at Tokyo 2020 as nearly four million people in France watched Steven Da Costa win the gold medal in the under-67 kilograms kumite category.


Almost three years have passed, and WKF has been unable to get an explanation as to why karate has been excluded by the Organizing Committee. It is unclear why karate should be excluded in Paris, when karate is so strong in France.


The WKF has not given up hope on inclusion at Paris 2024 - and hopes to be a permanent Olympic sport in the future - but the IOC and French organizers have said the program for the Games is set in stone and no new sports will be added. Recently the IOC President said the karate decision was final, taken by the IOC and that it was a transparent process.


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Question: Should Karate be in the next Olympics?

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